Americans for a Strong Middle Class works on behalf of hard working Americans to rebuild, protect and strengthen the middle class.

Your support allows us to continue our work of empowering citizens on economic issues and pushing politicians to support American workers so that together we can…

  • Stop the loss of US manufacturing jobs
  • End wage stagnation
  • Undo the terrible political decisions that have crippled the middle class
  • Take positive action on constructive policies that work for hard working Americans
  • Restore the promise of the American dream and rebuild our economy for generations to come

With your support Americans for a Strong Middle Class you’re saying…

  • I stand against right wing union bashing and their baseless anti-worker lies.
  • I think US economic policies should support hard working Americans and not just the uber rich.
  • I believe that everyone deserves the chance to work hard and live the American dream with a job that allows them to earn an honest wage and support their family, own their own home, send their children to school and ultimately retire with security.

I’m Ed Shultz, founder of ASMC and I know that with your help we can do what it takes to restore a strong American Middle Class.

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Americans for a Strong Middle Class (ASMC)

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